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Bad Movies
The bad movie review website.

Bernie Mooney
NY Changing Culture Examiner. Click here.

Film Forum
New York's premiere movie theatre for repertory and art films not to mention the best popcorn in town. Click here to see posters.

First Run Films
Acclaimed independent distributor. Click here.

French General
French fleamarket fantastic finds. Click here.

Gill Graphics
Designed and maintains the Posteritati website. Click here.

The Greatest Films
There are almost 1,000 posters viewable from here. Click here.

Hollywood North
Hollywood North.
Shopping website with information about Posteritati Movie Posters.Click here.

magnolia pictures
Magnolia Pictures is one of leading distributors of American Independent, Foreign and Documentary Cinema. Click here.
Robert Marich who authored "Marketing to Moviegoers: A Handbook," has a quarter century experience in covering film and media. Click here.

Milestone film and video. Click here.

Preston Sturges
A wonderful tribute site to an amazing filmmaker. Click here.

Raw Films, Inc
An independent film production company in New York City. Click here.

rialto pictures
Rialto Pictures is an award-winning distribution company devoted to the re-release of classic movies. Click here.

Zeitgeist Films is an acclaimed independent distributor Zeitgeist Films. Click here.